The Players Lottery is launched

The Players Lottery has launched with a fantastic jackpot of €10,000,000

In fact, the jackpot for every singe draw will be for the same staggering amount, due to the way The Player’s Lottery is set up.

Maybe it’s time to take a serious look at how to invest your lottery ticket money when you can get much better odds (1 in 300,000) of winning €10,000,000 as opposed to the Euromillions odds which are much less favourable.

Below you can find the Official Press Release from The Players Lottery.


Today marks the launch of The Players Lottery® – The Ultimate Odds Lottery Game.
Across the globe lotteries operate in their various formats, where residents of their restricted territories
have more chance of becoming President of The United States, being dealt a royal flush or being struck
by lightning than actually winning the jackpot prizes. The Players Lottery® is a globally accessible online
Lottery game that not only guarantees a €10,000,000 jackpot every draw, but also offers this guaranteed
prize at odds of just 1 in 300,000, or better. Compared this with typical lottery odds, for example
EuroMillions, with jackpot odds of 1 in 116million.
So how is this possible? Well its simple really, The Players Lottery® game sells exactly 300,000 GameCard
entries to each draw. Every GameCard is unique, like in a game of bingo, but unlike bingo (where there
are over 1 trillion possible GameCard combinations) there are only 300,000 unique possible GameCards.
Therefore if you buy one of these unique GameCards you have a 1 in 300,000 chance to win the
guaranteed €10,000,000. If you buy the GameCard alone you are also guaranteeing that you are the only
jackpot winner.

The odds are just one of the great features of this innovative new lottery game. For the first time players
will be able to:
· Exciting Gameplay – Instead of buying a sequence of numbers and waiting for a televised draw,
players participate in the draw with a bingo style game card, in which they spin reels themselves and
match numbers to their cards to win free entries, cash prizes ranging from €500 – €5000, and of course
the €10M jackpot.
· By Shares of Tickets – Players can purchase shares of tickets, reducing their cost to play, and
winning €1M (Est. £790K) for each share they own.
· Form Player Clubs – The Player’s Lottery® offers players the unique ability to form groups and
syndicates with tens or even hundreds of their friends or co-workers within the website. Groups can pool
their purchases and greatly increase the already incredible odds to win even further, in some cases even
better than 1 in 1,500 to win €10 Million (Est. £7.9 Million).
· Share The Wealth™ – In a nod to the ever-increasing popularity of social media, The Player’s
Lottery® includes a unique social game element where players can win subsidiary prizes of €100,000 just
by referring friends and colleagues to the game using the websites simple-to-use social media buttons.

As the friends refer friends, each player builds a broader network. If anyone in their network wins the
jackpot, they win €100,000 (Est. £79K), and it’s completely free to participate!
“We’re really exciting to bring such an innovative product to the market,” stated Graham Crawford,
Head of Affiliates for the Malta-based operating company Titan Gaming Ltd. “The Player’s Lottery® is
designed to finally give people a real chance to win that big, life-changing jackpot”.
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