Play the UK Lotto online

The UK Lotto is a fantastic, high paying lottery operated in the UK and played twice a week, with the live televised results attracting huge viewing audiences. Having reached a record jackpot of £42 Million GBP, it ranks highly with the rest of the world’s highest paying lotteries.

With the UK Lotto Wednesday and Saturday draws already having produced over 2,000 very happy millionaires, the UK Lotto draw remains as popular as ever amongst the UK lottery playing public.

The UK Lotto is a simple enough game to play, with players aiming to match their six chosen numbers with the six numbers that are drawn from a pool of 49 numbers, sequenced 1 to 49. There is also a ‘Bonus Ball’ which, if matched with the six main numbers, guarantees the player a share of the UK Lotto jackpot.

Purchasing your UK Lotto ticket

There are many places you can purchase your UK Lotto entries from, and if playing conventionally (purchasing your tickets through an authorised lottery outlet in the UK), you would need to be over 16 years of age and have proof of residency in the UK or Isle of Man. However, with the convenience of the internet and access to proven systems, you can now purchase your UK Lotto ticket from almost any country in the world, without having to be a UK resident.

A well established (2002) UK company who are long time members of the Lotteries Council of Great Britain offer a unique way of playing the UK Lotto through an Lottery Syndicate. This proven system allows players from around the world to enter the UK Lotto, joining a team of 49 other players, with a formulated number choosing method to greatly enhance each member’s chances of winning.

The system works by entering 44 times into each Wednesday and Saturday UK Lotto draw, giving 88 entries a week to each syndicate member. This has the effect of increasing your chances of winning more than seven fold and offers real value for money.

With many other benefits, the Lottery system has become so popular that there are now over 200,000 members playing from over 130 countries and the method continually pays out regular winnings to participants.

The UK Lotto seems set to continue it’s immensely popular run and with regular rollovers and frequent special draws, offering even bigger jackpots, the first UK lotto goes from strength to strength.

Why not play the UK Lotto through an online syndicate to appreciate the added benefits and online convenience that playing through an Lottery Syndicate can bring to your lottery playing enjoyment?