Play the Euromillions online

• Risk of losing your ticket

• Risk of forgetting to purchase your ticket

• Forgetting to check your numbers

• Only one entry for £1.50

• Poor odds – 1 in 103 chance of a prize

• Have to match at least 1 Star number

Play through an Online Lottery Syndicate

More and more players are appreciating the benefits of playing the Euro Millions through an online Lottery Syndicate. There are many benefits, not least the 3600% better chance of winning, but also the convenience of the whole process being automatically carried out, including the entering of your syndicate numbers, the checking and the claiming of prizes.


• Never lose your ticket

• No forgetting to purchase your ticket

• Numbers checked for you

• Multiple syndicate entries for low cost

• Much better odds

• Both Star numbers Guaranteed – every draw

• You win a share of other player’s winnings

• You can introduce others and play for free


• Winning shared with your syndicate

   (But ‘Multi-Win System’ usually means you win more – even after sharing)