Millionaire Raffle Game

The Euro Millions has just got even better with the launch of the new Millionaire Game.

The Millionaire Raffle takes the form of a raffle, rather than a lottery and guarantees that one UK player will win £1 Million pound each week. It does come at a price though, with the cost of each Euro Millions ticket rising to £2 rather than the usual £1.50.

Playing the new Millionaire Game is no different to playing the regular Euro Millions lottery, with your unique millionaire raffle number being printed on your ticket at the same time you purchase your Euro Millions draw numbers. Your millionaire raffle number will then be entered automatically into the weekly draw, with the winning number guaranteed to pay out £1 million to the lucky holder.

The game takes place before the main euromillions draw each Friday evening, so in theory you could become a millionaire even before the lottery has taken place.

The first UK Millionaire Game took place on Friday 13th. (lucky for some!) and will continue until further notice. It’s a great added dimension to an already popular lottery draw and I’m sure most EuroMillions players won’t mind paying an extra 50p for the added chance of winning one million pounds.

It does however, mean that lottery players who play in a syndicate may have to change their lottery syndicate agreement to take into account the new millionaire raffle and the extra 50 pence cost per ticket. Players who play through an online Syndicate will find that their payment remains unchanged and they have a 36 times greater chance of sharing the new Millionaire Game.

Since the launch of the Euro Millions lottery way back in 2004, we’ve seen some incredible rollovers and a massive increase in acceptance and popularity of the game in the UK.

Initially sceptical, UK players have come to embrace the Euro Millions and some now look on it as their ‘national lottery’, with many players choosing to invest more in tickets for the Euro Millions than in tickets for the UK lotto.

I suppose that this comes as no surprise as the UK Lotto seems to roll over very rarely lately, whereas the Euro Million has seen some very recent massive rollovers that can’t help but grab peoples attention, especially with the publicity generated by the various news channels on the run up to the rollover draws.

With the added attraction of the Millionaire Game, it looks as though the Euro Millions has a great future, which can only result in more money being raised for good causes.

As always, you can find a full breakdown of the latest Euro Millions Results on our results page, which also now incorporates the Millionaire Game Results.