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You may wish to use the same numbers every week for your Euromillions ticket, or like many, you may wish to randomly generate different numbers every week.

There’s no hard and fast rules when it comes to picking your numbers and different players use different methods.

One of the most popular way players use to choose their numbers is to use birthdays or numbers that mean something to the player. This could be ages of family members, numbers of houses you may have lived in, favourite numbers etc.

In fact, you may have noticed that many lottery winners have disclosed that they did not use a lottery number generator to pick their numbers, but used birthdays etc. and with obvious success. At we do not believe that any method provides any particular benefits, it may just be that the prominent or favourite numbers method tends to be a popular way of choosing lottery numbers and hence many previous winners have used this method.

We like picking numbers to be fun and we generate our numbers randomly each and every week which makes it quicker and easier to pick our Euro Millions numbers.
Remember, our random number generator is exactly that – random!

We therefore can take no responsibility for the numbers if they do not turn out lucky for you. It is up to you how you use them.

Having said that, if they do result in a nice win for you, we hope you’ll remember where the numbers came from!

Good luck!