How to play Euromillions

EuroMillions is the biggest European rolling jackpot lottery game and by selecting 5 numbers from 1 to 50 and 2 Lucky Star numbers from 1 to 9, you could become a part of Euro Millions history by joining the long list of EuroMillions Jackpot winners.

The Euro Millions numbers are drawn in Paris, usually every Friday evening, when the 5 main draw numbers and 2 lucky star numbers are chosen at random by the Euro Millions lottery machine.

If your chosen numbers match the 5 main numbers and 2 lucky star numbers drawn out on that Friday evening, then you win the Euro Millions jackpot, or a share of it if other players have also matched all the numbers. For this reason, it’s well worth learning how to play Euro Millions.

How to play Euro Millions Online

Whether you opt to play Euromillions conventionally or with the added advantage of playing through a syndicate, you can play conveniently online. You can open a National Lottery account online.

How to play Euro Millions at a store

You may also wish to learn how to play Euro Millions through a conventional lottery ticket retailer. Although you have a smaller chance of winning when you ‘go it alone’, rather than playing with others through a syndicate, many players prefer the ‘feel’ of a physical lottery ticket and in fact, the whole experience of purchasing a Euro Millions ticket from a retailer is part of the fun of playing the lottery.

Most retailers will help you with your entry and instruct you how to play EuroMillions with the minimum of fuss in order to get your entry validated in time for the Friday night Euro Millions draw.

There are also instructions on how to play EuroMillions on the payslip and usually in the lottery retailers store.

One thing to remember when you play the lottery online is that you do not receive an actual paper ticket. Your entry details are recorded and stored in your online lottery account, which you can usually log in to at any time to view your entries.

So, to become a part of this fantastic European game, simply get to know how to play Euro Millions and you’re half way there.

Don’t forget, once you’re tickets are purchased and the draw has taken place, if you’ve purchased your ticket through a lottery outlet, it’s your responsibility to ensure you check the Euro Millions results and claim any winnings that are due to you.
It’s easy, to play EuroMillions – there’s more than one way
Before reading this, you may want to visit our play euro millions online page. The following deals with purchasing a ticket conventionally from a lottery outlet in the UK. More and more people are now appreciating the easier way of purchasing their tickets online

Entering at a Lottery Outlet

There are four sets of number boxes on the Euro Millions playslip which are called boards. Each board is split into two, being a main board on the left and Lucky Star numbers on the right. Each ticket will cost you £1.50 to purchase in the UK or €2.00 in Europe.

To play, you first select five numbers (from 1 to 50) on the left main section and two numbers from the right Lucky Star section (from 1 to 9). You numbers are selected by marking a clear, horizontal line through the numbers you wish to pick. To enter more than once, you use another board. You can also let the terminal choose your numbers at random by marking the Lucky Dip box on your Euro Millions slip or simply ask the retailer for a Lucky Dip.

Choose To Play more than one week

On every EuroMillions play slip, you’ll find a section marked ‘No. of Weeks’. This allows you to enter the same set of numbers for up to four weeks, commencing with the next selected draw.

Don’t forget to check!

After completing your play slip and passing it to the retailer, your selections will be entered into the terminal and you will be given your Euro Millions Lottery ticket. The ticket will have your chosen numbers (including any Lucky Dip selections) and the date(s) of the draw(s) printed on it. Check everything is correct. If you memorise your numbers, you especially need to check that the terminal has actually recorded the numbers you chose and also that they are entered into the draw dates you are expecting.

Keep your ticket safe, it’s the only proof you’ve got if you win. It’s also worth writing your name and address on the back in case you lose it. You never know, some kind person may return it to you.

Check if you’ve won

The Euro Millions can be won 12 different ways. To win the Jackpot requires matching all five main numbers and both Lucky Star numbers. Five main numbers and one Lucky Star matched would win a second prize and third is five main numbers and no Lucky Stars. Fourth prize is won when matching four main numbers and both Lucky Star numbers and fifth by matching four main numbers and one Lucky Star, etc.

If you’re unsure, you can take your Euro Millions ticket to any lottery retailer for checking at the lottery terminal for you, but you’ll always find the latest Euro Millions Results on our home page.