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The Latest News from the Euro Millions Lottery

The Players Lottery is Launched – Official Press Release

The Players Lottery has launched with a fantastic jackpot of €10,000,000.
In fact, the jackpot for every singe draw will be for the same staggering amount, due to the way The Player’s Lottery is set up.

100 Millionaires Raffle

To add to the general excitement of the bi-weekly Euromillions draws, next month sees an extra special Millionaire Super Raffle Game which will be exclusive to UK players. To celebrate the London Olympic Games, on Friday 27th July there will be a guaranteed 100 Millionaires created in addition to the usual Jackpot winner.

Two Lucky Winners Share this week’s Jackpot

Despite the current economic climate, millions of people are continuing to play the EuroMillions every week. The twice weekly EuroMillions draws are normally held on Tuesdays and Fridays in Paris and are played in nine European countries by as many as two hundred million people every week.

Euro Millions Favours the UK with Rollover Wins

It’s been a great week for the UK with regards to lottery winners. The fantastic £90 Million Euro Millions Rollover this week was split between a Welsh married couple and a lottery syndicate of IT workers from the Liverpool area of the UK.

UK Player Wins Share of £50 Million Rollover

The third largest UK Lottery Jackpot ever was claimed by a Euro Millions player from the UK this week. The lucky winner shared half of the triple rollover jackpot with one other player from Ireland.

Euro Millions Lottery is Rolling Over again…

This is becoming something of a habit, but we just love the fact that Euro Millions Lottery produces so many Rollovers.

EuroMillions has a Normal Week with one Winner

After last week’s massive EuroMillions rollover, we’re back to normality with the EuroMillions Jackpot being claimed by one lucky winner…

What a Result – £113 Million for one Lucky Player

After six weeks without a jackpot winner, the Euro Millions has finally produced another multi-millionaire. Only one person managed to match all 5 main numbers

Euro Millions Jackpot Tops 100 Million

The Euro Millions Jackpot has once again rolled over as no-one has claimed the jackpot for seven weeks running. As the Euro Millions jackpot remains unclaimed, for the seventh week in a row, there’s a staggering…

Lottery Winner Fails to Claim Winnings

Somebody out there has recently become a very rich person and they may not even know it! A jackpot of just over £3.6 million has still not been claimed as I write this.

Another Rollover over £50 Million takes place this Friday

With the Euro Millions lottery now becoming more popular than ever, you’d think the chances of multiple rollovers would be decreasing in direct relation to the increasing number of players. But once again, the Euro Millions has proved us wrong.