Euromillions Mega Jackpot

Mega Jackpot – it’s time to play.

A Euro Millions Mega Jackpot is a special draw that takes place instead of a regular jackpot draw. The Mega Jackpot is usually many times bigger in terms of monetary value, than a regular jackpot and, although there are similarities, a Mega Jackpot is not the same as a Superdraw.

The main difference between a Superdraw and a Mega Jackpot is the fact that a Superdraw will roll down to the next prize level, if there is no outright winner or winners of the actual jackpot. This means that a Superdraw cannot roll over to the next week’s draw, whereas a Mega Jackpot can. So, if nobody wins the Mega Jackpot prize outright, it rolls over to the next draw, meaning a massive prize for that week.

The rules of the game are the same, whether it be a Mega jackpot or a regular Euro Millions draw, and therefore the odds of winning a Mega Jackpot are the same as a regular draw. This usually results in larger ticket sales volume compared to a non Mega Jackpot or non rollover week. Taking into account that a single Euro Millions ticket purchase could net you a prize of 100 Million Euros, just as easy as 15 Million Euros, it’s not hard to see why ticket sales tend to increase considerably when there is a Mega Jackpot draw.

It’s just as easy to play in a Mega Jackpot draw as any other Euro Millions draw. You can play conventionally, or you can play through an online syndicate to further increase your winning chances. Playing through an online syndicate has several advantages, including the fact that your lottery results are automatically checked for you and you have no fear of losing your tickets.

Don’t forget, when considering purchasing your Mega Jackpot ticket through a conventional lottery ticket outlet, you may have to allow more time to purchase your ticket. Queues can form at the lottery terminal as players become aware of the Mega Jackpot and if you miss the deadline, you miss another chance to win a life changing amount of money.

When you’ve done choosing your hopefully mega jackpot numbers, then it’s time to wait patiently for the draw and get ready to check your Euro Millions results through our latest results service.