Euromillions Lucky Stars

The whole EuroMillions game revolves around the Lucky Star numbers. You need a minimum of two main numbers and one Lucky Star number or one main number and two Luck Star numbers to win a prize.

There is a simple method of increasing your chances of winning the Euro Millions lottery by guaranteeing your ticket will have one of the Star Numbers. To do this on your own would mean purchasing nine Euro Millions tickets, but it would guarantee you one Lucky Star.

To do this, you need to make sure that each of the nine tickets that you purchase has a different Lucky Star number. You can choose whatever five main numbers that you wish, but for each ticket, your first Star Number must be different. So your first ticket would have number 1 as your first Lucky Star, your second number 2 etc. up to 9 tickets. You can also choose any number you like for the second Lucky Star.

Now you could purchase a whole lot more and guarantee both your Lucky Star numbers by covering all the combinations. However, this would be a little complicated and very expensive.

You could arrange your own syndicate, with each of you purchasing a ticket and each of you entering different Lucky Star numbers. This would guarantee you the TWO Lucky Star numbers and hence guarantee your syndicate a prize.

The drawbacks however are clear. You would need to arrange a large syndicate yourself, ensure that the Star Number combinations have been entered correctly and you’d still have the usual frustrations of running your own syndicate, such as collecting the money, purchasing the lottery tickets etc.

There is an Easier Way – You Play We Play have devised a method of playing EuroMillions and the UK Lottery which automatically places you into a syndicate with other members.

Why should you play Euro Millions through Lottery Syndicate?

Because you decrease the lottery tickets’ cost and increase your chances of winning!