Euro Millions Winning Number Combinations

Euro Millions Numbers – it’s all in the statistics.

Picking the correct combination of Euro Millions winning numbers is never going to be easy. If it was, everyone would be doing it and it would make the lottery a pretty pointless event to say the least.

You can however improve your chances of picking the best combination of Euro Millions winning numbers by using the statistics of past draw results. Many players make use of frequency charts and professional players may use a combination of frequency charts, the length of time that has passed since a particular ball has been drawn, the popularity of a particular number and many other statistics in the hope of picking that elusive combination of winning numbers.

If only it was as easy as picking the top 5 ‘hot’ numbers and top 2 ‘hot’ star numbers, then winning the Euro Millions lottery would be easy. However, the very nature of lotteries mean they are based on chance and randomness and anything that is random does not follow specific rules.

There is however a well known phrase ‘ the law of averages’. Whilst I am not certain that there is such a law, or that the law follows any particular pattern, generally speaking if ‘something’ is behaving outside the boundary of what would be called average behaviour for that particular something, then chances are it’s behaviour is likely to change over time to move towards it’s average behaviour.

Now if we adapt the ‘law of averages’ to Euro Millions numbers, then maybe we can increase our chances of picking the winning number sequence. For example, at the time of writing this article, ball number 50 has been drawn 44 times since the Euro Millions started, whereas ball number 46 has been drawn a mere 13 times.

Applying the law of averages then would suggest that ball number 13 has got a lot of catching up to do whereas ball number 50 has been working way too hard. It is very likely that over the coming draws, ball 13 is going to get drawn a lot more often than ball number 50 and would be a good choice as one of your Euro Millions numbers. However, randomness and chance step in and it is simply impossible to know when ball 13 is going to start it’s move towards the average and start getting drawn and when we have to take all the other balls into account also, it’s clear that there is no magic formula.

Oh well, maybe I’ll purchase a ‘Lucky Dip’ !

Oh and it’s important to remember that unless you check your Euro Millions results, no combinations of numbers will be of any use whatsoever if you don’t know that you’ve won!