100 Millionaires Raffle

Playing the lottery is important to many people especially in times of austerity and one of the easiest and most convenient ways to do this is to play the Euromillions Lottery online. Euromillions is one of the most attractive lotteries in the world due to the huge Jackpots that often accumulate when the draw rolls over. This can happen over periods of several weeks due to there being no outright winning ticket which needs to match five balls and 2 Lucky Stars. The largest Jackpot win occurred on Tuesday 12th July 2011 when a lucky couple from the UK won £161,653,000.

To add to the excitement of the draw, there is a guaranteed Millionaire Raffle Game, which gives one UK player the chance to win a £1,000,000. By simply entering the regular Euromillions draw, it is possible to become an instant millionaire by checking the unique three letter and six number code that is allocated to you when you play.

The draw continues to attract hundreds of millions of players every week no doubt due to the huge Jackpots on offer. However, it is also the added benefits such as the Millionaire Raffle that ensures people continue to play week after week. There have been many special Millionaire Raffle games such as Millionaires Month when there were a guaranteed eighteen millionaires created in the run up to Christmas 2011. There was also an incredibly exciting finale to Millionaires Month when an extra 25 Millionaires were created in one night on the 23rd December 2011. These special raffles are only available to UK Lottery players to date and are definitely an added attraction to playing the Euromillions Lottery.

To add to the general excitement of the bi-weekly Euromillions draws, next month sees an extra special Millionaire Super Raffle Game which will be exclusive to UK players. To celebrate the London Olympic Games, on Friday 27thJuly there will be a guaranteed 100 Millionaires created in addition to the usual Jackpot winner.

By playing online you can be sure you don’t miss out on this life changing opportunity of becoming an instant millionaire, after all that is the reason so many people play the Euromillions and other lotteries every week. 

There is a 6 month deadline for claiming your rightful win, providing you haven’t lost or forgotten to check your numbers which might have happened to one unlucky Scots player who missed out on becoming a Millionaire Raffle winner.